Guide to the BMe research grant 2023

The application material must be prepared using Google Drive.

If you do not have a Gmail account yet, first register. For this you will need to supply an email address, a password, and your date of birth.

Editing the document

The grant application has to be prepared according to a template: BMe template

The work has to be prepared in English.

When opening the template, it's best to start by creating a copy and renaming the files. The English entry should be named  lastname_firstname_en. Only use unaccented Latin letters in the name!

There are two ways to preserve the preset formatting of the template:


Insertion of figures and interactive items

The photograph of the applicant has to be inserted at the marked position, suggested size is 120 x 150 pixels.

The material may include images, figures, short videos, animated GIFs, interactive elements.

Google Drive allows you to insert images, figures and animated GIFs; videos and interactive elements can only be inserted in the saved html file.


Submitting the application

The final works have to be exported in two formats:

1. html (zipped) format, in which case the program saves the document in a compressed directory complete with its images: File - Download as - Web page (.html, zipped)

2. docx format: File - Download as - Microsoft Word (.docx)

You may post any questions, comments, and reports of possible errors to the above address.

Updated: 2023.05.05